(1 to 2 y.o.)

Harmonious Child Development Program.

The basic concepts are:

cognitive processes (attention, memory, logical thinking);
sensory development (perception of color, shape, size of objects);
knowledge about the world;
speech and language development;
development of fine motor skills and coordination.

Age of your kids – it’s a time when the game is the main activity of the baby.   During the game process it is easier to acquire knowledge, skills and abilities.   Children pay more attention to the game and better remember the material. Therefore, all the classes are very entertaining for a child.

Children work in small groups up to 6 people, as close to their age as possible.
Presence in the classroom of a loved one (mom, dad, grandparents, babysitters), cozy, friendly atmosphere create the most comfortable conditions for the child in the classroom.

One lesson lasts 45 minutes.

During each lesson your kids will be engaged in:

the development of speech;
elementary mathematics;
sensory development (development of the senses);
development of imagination and creativity;
development of fine motor skills, hand muscles;
familiarization with the outside world;
exercise (outdoor games with sports equipment);
music (familiarity with musical instruments).

Throughout the lesson there is a constant change of activity. It helps kids retain a keen interest in the lesson, not get tired and always leave in a good mood. During lessons kids also learn how to communicate with their peers, learn skills to work in teams. Such skills help kids prepare better to transition to a future school of their choice.

Another important point.
A parent or a loved one being present during the classes also can observe the program in which the baby is engaged and the material is presented.  This lets a parent review and practice lesson material later at home, during walks, meals, bath, etc.  The results will have double success!

And the most important thing!
At this stage of the program, we do not teach letters and numbers (for some reason, many parents believe that the developed child – is a child who knows the letters and numbers). For this age group – it’s just unknown symbols which won’t serve any practical purpose at the time being.
We believe that the comprehensive development of children of this age should include the items listed above. To do this, we have all the necessary material and manuals, as well as employees who have special education.

Be always proud of your kids!